Tag Heuer Limited and Classic Watches

Posted by Coreen - March 10th, 2015

1)Tag Heuer global limited edition – MONZA series Reprint Edition

This Tag Heuer watch is inspired by the MONZA racing track which is located near the Italy Milan, and it is the main site of the Italian formula one racing. And the main part of the racing track is composed of high speed corners and a long straight. And because of the very low resistance, MONZA racing track becomes the track with the fastest average speed for the car racing sports. To commemorate the drivers triumphs in MONZA track, Mr Jack heuer created a special MONZA limited watch on the basis of the pillow-shaped watch in 1930, whose Tag Heuer logo on the top of the watch dial is engraved with the word “MONZA”. In June 2011, the new Monza automatic timing chronograph redesigned and appeared in the market, in inheriting the the classic aesthetics standard of the 1977 version at the same time, this watch also carried the Calibre36 movement which was more as quick as lightning, and it was designed to show the honor to the  motorsport legend within this one hundred. In addition, being the limited edition watch in the world, this MONZA series Reprint Edition had only 13 pieces in China.

replica tag heuer link

replica tag heuer link

2)Tag Heuer Link Automatic Calibre 6 wrist watch

It is the classic watch popular in the watch field and the fashion field. It has caught great attention in the wrist watch field, and it is greatly favored by the trendsetters. Speaking of the brand, tag heuer watches replica is loved and familiar by the Chinese male consumers. And this Tag Heuer Link automatic wrist watch adheres to the minimalist design, and adopts this year’s most popular full stainless steel watch case, watch strap, small three pointers, and the automatic movement, which not only is fashionable but also professional.

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