Reading Time from Wrist Watch or from Mobile Phone?

Posted by Coreen - December 23rd, 2014

Precision and time always has a great connection, the reason that humans to create accurate target, the basic impulse is attempting to keep time, 24 hours of the day through 12 time scales on the watch dial is reciprocating with cycle, times change at the same time, Precision is flowing and fermenting. We don’t hope the watch we buy or gifted by others have error, even though error is inevitable, even the parts with clear labor division, that is, after all, the machine gear, which is just like body, when an organ has a problem, it is likely to be extremely important and may cause other problems on the whole body. Are we having too much requirement on our wrist watches?

faux watches

faux watches

We may often meet with colleagues and friends asking that who is still wearing a watch now as a mobile phone is convenient, and also can automatically Synchronous with network, which can save time and also save trouble, also cheap! There is no difference essentially between using a mobile phone to see time and reading time through your wrist watch of course, but the difference is that when using mobile phone to see time, everybody is more to play mobile phones, and time is wasted in the process of playing. However, when using a watch to read time, we can pretend to be gentle, in the second hand tick of the rotation to savor the joy, sadness, nostalgia and longing at the passage of time.

As watch is an accessory that can be necessary or unnecessary according to different occasion or your needs. If you like, and think that you have to have your own watch, then you are suggested looking for a local watch store to have a try to wear it on your wrist. As the one you see from the picture needs to be worn personally to see whether it is suitable or not.

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