Calibre de Cartier Diver Watches

Posted by Coreen - November 21st, 2014

Calibre de Cartier combines luxurious design on high-end watches and duration on sport watches. Think about it, like Tank, Calibre, Santos, etc. But there are exceptions. All those revolves around aviation, driving, diving, and other sports. Cartier has melted those sports spirit into its high-end watches and combines them in a graceful way. Now Cartier promoted a new diver watch, richening the Calibre family. Would you dive with a Calibre de Cartier rose gold edition? I bet you won’t, so there is a steel edition, if you think wear a steel edition is a good idea. LOL.

cartier replica

cartier replica

Sure, I love diver watch, and I incline today that Calibre diver watch is the best choice, and now let’s focus on more detail. As a fan of screw-down bezel addict, I really appreciate that this element would appear on Calibre. Inner-inclined frame is a steel plate with DLC-coated which is scratch-resistance, and thus brings a different look from ceramic bezel. Bezel of diver watch is a main factor that gives Calibre diver watch a 300 meters of water-resistance, a real diver watch that match its name. My complaint about Cartier is its movement with only 30 meter of water-resistance, because hundred meters of water-resistance performance should be called sport watch. Solid case and screw-down crown contributes better water-proof performance. That only contributes 1 mm to the thickness of the case, but lead to a big jump in waterproof from 30 meters to 300 meters.

Calibre’s case impresses us a lot and processing on the appearance is amazing, too. Generally, no big difference from others on the case, but at the side of case there are rounds of polish lines that hold the protruding sapphire crown. It does looks black, but under strong light it appears to be blue. In the dial the Calibre de Cartier Diver Watch, you will see more changes comparing to other Calibre watches. You will find a re-designed trail and small second, and become brighter as more luminescence is put in there.

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